Xbox is testing accessible chat options

Xbox party chat.png

Major Points-

  • The new text-to-speech and speech-to-text features were launched for Xbox Party Chat.
  • The feature allows you to read out the chats, whether texts or voice, on your screen.
  • Other features have also been included, such as customizable sounds of the messages.

Microsoft has recently come out with its brand new text-to-speech and speech-to-text features for Xbox Party Chat. It has been designed with an objective to make communication accessible on the platform. Xbox Insider Program is currently testing these features for the Xbox Party Chat.

Speech-to-text features display a window on your screen fluctuating the automatic texts of the people available in the voice chats. It also features an indicator that shows the nature of the text, whether typed or spoken by someone. People with a hearing disability may find the feature to be a great aid for them to be updated with what all goes around, even when people in the chat are speaking.

The reverse of the previous feature, the text-to-speech feature, works differently. It reads out the texts by the people in the voice chats so that one gets to hear them without having to read. The customizable sounds are available for the users to choose and adjust the sounds of the messages they want to hear.

The Xbox has been receiving accessibility by Microsoft, starting with the program earlier this year, to enable the game developers to create accessible games. It has also come up with the Xbox Adaptive Controller that gamers can use with motor abilities. These functions keep continuing effective with the involvement of the voice chats to the Xbox Party Chat.

To enable these features, one needs to-

  • Go to settings
  • Select Ease of Access
  • Go to Game and chat transcription or to Options
  • Select Ease of Access settings while in a chat.