Sony announces Reon Pocket 2

Reon Pocket 2.png

Sony has recently announced Reon Pocket 3, an upgraded version of its previously launched wearable air conditioner Reon Pocket, controlled via a smartphone app. The Reon Pocket was released in the year 2020.

Featuring almost the same exterior as its predecessor, the only development that happened is the replacement of silicon with SUS316L stainless steel for the temperature cooling surface. It also contains a silicone coating sheet, in case of allergic reactions due to stainless steel. 

 The previous one had three temperature levels, whereas this model has four. Meanwhile, the Reon Pocket 2 has also gone through an upliftment internally, advanced to a doubled level of heat consumption than the previous one, providing efficient cooling as a result. The company claims to have improved its sweat-proofing ability, making it an apt choice for exercising purposes.

The Reon Pocket 2 allows you to charge it by plugging it into your computer or a USB-C mobile battery of at least 3,350mAh. On using the AC at level 4, it provides you a backup of only 3 hours as it consumes too much power. You get 13 hours of backup at level 3, 15 hours at level 2, and 20 hours of backup at level 1.

The earlier adaptation was designed to be worn with a particular undershirt produced by Sony, to make commutation in the heat tolerable. The latest edition is made more flexible to be used. To make this happen, Sony has collaborated with the sports clothing brands Le Coq Sportif, Descente, and Munsingwear, to manufacture clothes featuring pockets to get the AC fit into. 

The latest minor AC model comes with a neckstrap to be worn with normal clothes. 

The Reon Pocket 2 is presently launched and is on sale in Japan costing around $140 to be precise. The company has yet not revealed its roll out plan in other markets around the world.