Microsoft adds FPS Boost to 74 games

Xbox games FPS.png

Microsoft has announced to bring the FPS Boost mode to its Xbox series to 74 more games. The total of FPS Boost mode enabled games is 97 as of now. A few of the games featuring this update include Assassins Creed series, Battlefield series, Dead Island series, Dragon Age Inquisition, Far Cry series, Halo, Hyperscape, LEGO series, Life is Strange 1 & 2, Mad Max, Metro 2033 Redux, and more.

This new feature introduced to the Xbox series will boost up the speed and performance of the games available on your Xbox. It will increase the frame rate on the above-mentioned Xbox games. Earlier, only 20 of the Xbox games were provided the FPS Boost.

In order to enjoy your favorite games running smoothly on your device, you need to ensure your Xbox Series X consoles are updated to the latest version. According to Xbox, there may be a chance where you see FPS Boost as an option in the game. So to enable the boost, you need to switch on the toggle. Other games will automatically be boosted. The reason for such cases may be due to resolution transitions required to lower down in some of the cases to increase the frame rate. Thus, the FPS Boost as an option will let you play the games according to your preferences.

The feature is only designed to work in the latest Xbox models. This feature will not be compatible with Xbox 360 or older Xbox games. However, it’s on the developers whether they see forth the upgrades in the previous Xbox versions or not.

Before Xbox, Microsoft has already added FPS Boost to 13 EA games. Also, Microsoft has introduced this feature to several Bethesda games in March this year.

The upcoming boost will let you expand your wings and play your favorite games like a pro.