HalloApp, a new private social network app


Download a brand-new HalloApp, a private social network app, and a perfect alternative to WhatsApp. The HalloApp has been developed by two of the previous WhatsApp employees Neeraj Arora and Michael Donohue.

The app was made available to download from Monday onwards. The interested Android and iOS users can download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store respectively. Sign up now, to begin with, the whole new experience of chatting with your close ones.

HalloApp is quite similar to WhatsApp in various aspects. You can hold a conversation through an individual chat with your close friends and family members. Unlike Facebook and other apps, this app requires you to have a phone number to connect with people. Here also the chats are end-to-end encrypted and you get to have an ad-free experience of chatting.

There had been many previous attempts in bringing such a striking app to prevail over the popularity of WhatsApp. The attempts usually failed, while HalloApp is being considered as the potential messaging app that can rise above the bar. It may be because the developers themselves have been an important part of the WhatsApp group. Neeraj Arora, who happens to be a former chief business officer of WhatsApp until 2018, was an equally significant one to make a settlement with Facebook. Meanwhile, Donohue, before leaving WhatsApp was an engineering director for up to nine years until 2019.

Two of the developers had an interview on Christopher Lochhead’s “Follow Your Different” podcast, and that’s where Arora held, “I think the best way to grow is to create an amazing product that people love to tell their friends and family about.”

The app has been sectioned into four tabs, a home feed where you see the posts shared by your friends, group chat, individual chats, and settings. The overall structure of the app is decent with the least aesthetic aspect.

Download and join the app and invite the closed ones to share thoughts on the new horizon.