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Microsoft365.cpm/setup – What is Microsoft 365 and How to Setup Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a web-based subscription service designed by Microsoft. In April 2020, Microsoft rebranded Office 365 to Microsoft 365, promising new and exciting features than its predecessor.


How do I sign up for Microsoft Office 365?

Few easiest ways to create a Microsoft Office 365 account are below;

  • Visit microsoft365.cpm/setup or Microsoft Cloud Partner site.
  • Click on “create a new account” or “Sign Up” tab.
  • Enter an email associating to Outlook or use a mobile number.
  • Click next and create a password.
  • Follow instructions and create Microsoft Office 365.

What applications does Microsoft 365 include?

Since 1988, Microsoft Office has witnessed numerous improvements. So far, it is the best productivity tool for individuals and organizations. Today, Microsoft 365 provide solutions through its applications. Let’s look at the trendiest Microsoft 365 apps.

MS Outlook – Perfect for managing contact and events. Microsoft Outlook helps you to coordinate task managers, journals, notes, references, and browsing sessions. Users can integrate this software with Microsoft SharePoint to organize and share information.
MS Publisher – Publisher deals with the page layout and design. Though not for text composition, MS Publisher includes templates for meeting business needs like cards, email letters, and other marketing materials.
MS OneNote – Designed as a note-taking tool, Microsoft OneNote helps users to write and share their thoughts quickly.
MS Sway - Microsoft Sway lets users make presentations from local or online content. You can use it with Facebook, YouTube, and other content marketing sites.
MS Access – As the trendiest database management tool, Microsoft Access, allows you to store and format data easily. It has various fields to enter, display, and process data.
MS PowerPoint – Need to create specialized presentations? Launched in 1990, PowerPoint displays texts and graphics through slides. Popular features of PowerPoint include software integration, transition effects, and timers.
MS Word – Known as the Word Processing app, Microsoft Word has features for document creation, saving, and editing. It has a straightforward interface such that it prints as the texts appear on the screen. Other exciting features in MS Word include header navigation, justification, and paragraphs.
MS SharePoint – SharePoint helps users to secure their documents from unauthorized access. Users can set a password for their projects before sharing them.
MS OneDrive – Another cloud-based storage application, OneDrive, offers 1TB storage space. Luckily, your files are secure and easily accessible after login.
MS Excel – We can’t exhaust of list of Microsoft Office 365 apps without mentioning MS Excel. As the mother of spreadsheets, Excel allows you to create, format, manage and calculate data. Users can insert formulas in the cells, design charts, graphs, etc.

Quick Steps: Microsoft Office 365 Setup Download and Installation Guide

microsoft365.cpm/setup install office on device

Go to microsoft365.cpm/setup, login, enter activation code to download and install Microsoft 365 on your device.

How to create your Microsoft 365 account via

  • With your browser, type www.microsoft365.cpm/setup or
  • Click on the signup tab.
  • Enter your mobile number or email address
  • Hit on the next button
  • Fill in your password.
  • Follow the steps on the screen to complete this stage.

How to download Microsoft 365 via microsoft365.cpm/setup

Shown system requirements are compatible for Office 2019, Home & Student, and Home & Business suite;

  • Visit microsoft365.cpm/setup or type
  • Click sign in, then enter your Microsoft365 login details
  • On the homepage, click Microsoft Office 365 install to start downloading
  • Wait until the setup download ends.

How to Install Microsoft 365 on Windows Computers via

  • After the Microsoft 365 download is complete,
  • Go to the download folder on the browser
  • Locate Microsoft Office 365 setup file
  • Double click on the file to run
  • Click on the yes prompt to continue
  • Wait for the ‘you’re all set’ message to pop
  • Read and accept the license agreement conditions

How to Install Microsoft 365 on Mac Devices via microsoft365.cpm/setup

  • Make sure the file setup download is successful
  • Go to downloads on the browser or open finder
  • Find the setup file downloaded from microsoft365.cpm/setup
  • Double-tap on the installer
  • Read the license agreement terms, then hit on next to continue
  • Tap on the install button
  • Provide the required details
  • Hit on ‘Install Software’
  • Open any Microsoft 365 apps and start using them.

Where to enter your Microsoft 365 product key?

  • Visit the URL microsoft365.cpm/setup
  • Login to your account
  • Navigate to the product key section
  • Type in the activation code
  • Use the screen instructions to redeem your card key

What is new in Microsoft Office 365?

microsoft365.cpm/setup install apps

Microsoft 365 is subscription-based, giving users access to intelligent productivity apps for a monthly fee. But your subscription plan determines the number of apps to use. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. One outstanding new service in Microsoft 365 is the Insider Risk Management feature. It monitors employees’ activities to prevent them from taking actions that would harm the enterprise. More so, this AI also checks for security breaches and the possibility of errors in project processes.
What’s more, Microsoft 365 also features an Advanced Audit tool that extends user’s activity from ninety days to a year. With the increased bandwidth, multiple employees can access the account on the go.